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Anchorage Apartments Hope Island

11 Nov 2016 11:06 AMKenton Cox
Anchorage Apartments Hope Island

Anchorage Apartments under construction


The 200 unit Anchorage development at Hope Island is well underway with stage one nearing completion.  The project had a previous development  approval  in place but design fundamentals were revisited during the preliminary design phase resulting in both increased density and improved recreation areas. View corridors to the water were maximised with most units having water views. Internal facing units overlook a substantial central recreation and pool area with extensive deep planted landscape (including veggie gardens) designed by the team at Byrns Lardner.


Sales are going well with construction of the 5 storey stage two building underway and recent  release of apartments in the 8 storey stage three.


This project was designed whilst working at Forgansmith Architects who are administering the construction of the project.


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